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At Rockagon our mobile web developers are familiar with the knowledge of various peculiarities required for complete mobile web application development. Our mobile web developers can provide customized design for your business mobile website to overcome the challenges of user interface implementation that is the difference in screen size between the phone and PC as well as incompatibility of layouts and format of information between phone and PC. At Rockagon we can provide compatible mobile web applications that will be displayed in the proper manner on all mobile phones such as smart phones and tablets irrespective of the browser used. This will allow a significant reduction in the time required to launch your mobile website in the market and will also reduce the costs associated with the launch of a mobile website.

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We also have a quality assurance process which works in combination with our mobile web application development team to ensure that the progress is tested on different emulators, devices and configurations to provide you with the best product possible. In a team of mobile web application developers we have visual designers, UX professionals as well as software engineers who can work on CSS3, HTML 5 mobile development technology, Mobile First and Responsive Web design approaches. Our team of mobile web developers can also work on pure JavaScript programming, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile Development, ASP.NET and jQ Touch mobile web development. With extensive knowledge on the various platforms our team will ensure that your online service is accessible from almost any mobile platform.

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We can also help you provide a customized mobile website which your mobile visitors will simply love. We can provide optimized mobile websites for the most popular smartphones such as BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. The mobile website developed by our mobile web application developing team will automatically sync with your normal website and hence in case you make any changes to your regular or normal website your mobile website will be automatically updated. We provide a wide variety of fabulous looking templates which you can choose from to create your customized mobile website.

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We will provide you with all the necessary tools to further customize your mobile website with the help of an advanced design studio. In the advanced design studio you will be provided access to HTML 5 and CSS3 for regular customization and easy updating of your mobile website. We can also provide you free mobile website analytics so that you can keep track of all the traffic on your mobile website and also observe the number of clicks converted to cash on your mobile website. Our mobile website development services are also WordPress friendly and hence if you have a WordPress website we can immediately created into a mobile website that can be accessed from any mobile platform or browser.